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Students are always asking me how to code HTML and CSS.  In the past there are very few places to send them to go step by step in understanding how it all works.  Thankfully this has changed with the recent update to CodeAcademy.  CodeAcademy is an interactive site designed to help people understand and create HTML, CSS, and much much more (including Coding Java).

I am so excited to share this site with my students.  Thanks Technology for Teachers for pointing out the update in the site.  I can see myself using this site to brush up on some basics and beyond.  The lessons in basic HTML really break down the component parts of creation.  It is a language unto itself and this allows students to learn by doing.  Reading a website giving me HTML tags does not really prompt higher level thinking and experience.  I would just have to keep going back to that site rather than retaining the understanding and information internally.

PostHeaderIcon Wix to go HTML 5

I am so excited to share that the popular flash-based website creator will be going to HTML 5. Why is this so important?  Flash does not work with iDevices and this has limited the reach of products that utilize flash.  Yes there are work arounds on the iPad but many are clunky and buggy, not to mention were created for the purpose of gaming.

I have used with my students because it is a point and click method of creation.  You can get to the nuts and bolts of creating a website or just play around with videos and media.  I think they would work well for portfolios for students to bring to college.  The site does have quite a few ads but it is free so that is to be expected.  Relatively new is the mobile site creator.  My students are quite excited and come in during their own time to talk about and create sites that are relevant to them.

In true Miss Frizzle fashion they are taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy.  A fabulous mantra for life!  Check out

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