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If you are in education, you have a personal relationship with assessments.  During the last month or so I was in the midst of assessments and end of the year reports at my elementary library.  I completed inventory and all those wonderful things that occur at the end of the year in a school library.  Therefore….little time was left for this blog.  So sorry readers, but I am back and refreshed.

Quiz Creator

I looked many places for an assessment tool for my third grade students and I try to share as many free options as I can.  There are free quiz creators and assessment creators out there.  However, I needed the ability to have a click map which google forms, survey monkey, and a vast number of others could not provide me.  Therefore I tried out Quiz Creator by Wondershare.  When I say that I needed a click map that means I needed the ability to upload a picture and have students/assessment takes click the correct portion of the picture.  Such as “Where do you click to check the spelling of a document.”  If you want to see a Quiz in action please go to (login: test password: test).  The program is a download and is extremely easy to use.  You can also record questions.  Adding media, pictures, and text is all self explanatory and user-friendly.  Even though I downloaded the program for free the technical support was prompt and extremely helpful.  I have not yet tried the Quiz Management System (an additional cost), however, I think I might this year due to the amount of time I have spent on tabulating results from individual quizzes.

Year-End Report

In addition, I completed my year end report for the elementary library.  It is always amazing to me the amount of projects, events, and changes I am able to accomplish in a year.  I like giving such a report to my administrators but it is also such a great way for me to assess and end the year.  You can see my report on Slideshare which is a favorite site of mine to embed and share documents.  On a side note: I have tried several sites and slideshare tends not to be blocked.  Although unblocking items is not difficult it is an extra step and when there are so many sites to accomplish said goal I try to limit my emails to the tech dept. I decided to use Word 2007 for my report.  I tried to use several free and open source options but I was not happy with the result.  I was writing a traditional academic report with pictures and I like the options of inserting pictures in Word 2007.   On further inspection I think I might try to do a movie/animoto as an addition to the report to show the highlights.

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Manga High

Thanks to Free Tech for Teachers, I discovered a great website with free math games.  Now there are hundreds of different sites for math games, but few allow the teacher to have access to statistics of their students progress in those games.  Manga High does this for free!

The site has recently opened itself to free accounts for teachers.  You can have unlimited accounts!  The games are high quality as well.  They remind me of many of the popular facebook games out these days.  The graphics are excellent and I did not have any issues with functionality during play.  This is a good option if  you are looking for high quality math games.

The teacher creates accounts for students and they login to that account.  This will give data to monitor progress and discover inconsistencies in knowledge.  The games are fun and interactive, making the assessment much more fun than it normally would be.

Some Topics Included:

  • Decimals
  • Times Tables
  • Algebra
  • Exponents
  • Roots
  • Addition, Subtraction
  • Multiplication, Division
  • Percentages
  • Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Ordering
  • and many more
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