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20 Reasons Students should blog Blogging with students is a great, however, management can sometimes be a challenging piece.  This is especially the case with elementary and middle level students.  In most cases, this is the first time they have experienced blogging in the school setting.  Therefore, I have looked at several student blogging options. — The first I looked at was which was great, however, one has to pay for the management portion of the product.  It is not a lot, but I still try to roll as cheaply as possible.  So this was a major turn off for me.  However, does work much like many blogging sites.  They have been especially designed for education and with a paid account one has every management tool a user would need for a class.  The cost can be a benefit as that does give you a small amount of stability.  Websites can disappear online at a moments notice.  Cost: $3.33 per month — this is a site that I just stumbled upon today and I am in love!  For FREE, this service allows multiple blogs and a teacher account with management options.  This is ideal for K-12 education.  Having to log into multiple accounts is a chore and something I have had to do with Animoto.  Kidblog has created an ideal product and this might be my elementary and middle school bias coming into play.  “ is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with their own, unique blog”  Kidblog does not require student email addresses!!

Google Sites — another free option is Google Sites.  With many schools using Google Apps, this would be ideal to have students use their Google Apps accounts.  However, this option does not come with a management tool.  This can be problematic as I have said for younger students.  Yet it is a feasible option that cannot be overlooked.  Students can create sites as well as blogs.

A note about Blogger – as of yet they still share a server with content not suitable for schools.

WordPress — much like Google Sites it is a great option but lacks the management tool which is helpful for educators.



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