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This is an animation tool which states, “if you can type, you can make movies.”  There is an education version of the site.  One can use a downloadable version or online version.

This is a Text-to-Movie (TTM) which gives you many different “showpaks” consisting of two actors (avatars).  The user writes the script and drags action icons into the script (camera angles, facial expressions, gestures, and animations).  The voices are monotone, but it is quite fun and the results are unique and amusing.

Educational Use:  Book trailers, movies of any kind, review of historical events, informational videos, etc.

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There are many options when creating book trailers.  I am currently working on Book Trailers with my 3rd grade students.  We are using Animoto due to its ease of use and free education account providing me with 50 accounts.  When I began the book trailer process, I discovered this wiki created by students at the University of Maryland.  Book Trailer Wiki; Lesson Plan

Included in said wiki was a brainstorming sheet and script sheet.  The concept of a book trailer was new for 3rd grade students so introduction was extremely important.  We viewed many book trailers in order to understand what they were and how to make one.  Students then spent the time before the next library class reading a book.  I felt the worksheets worked well, however, I found I needed another column for keywords students would look for when going to the computer.

It is also important to talk about copyright and I used several resources for royalty-free/creative commons pictures.


“Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection (Pics4Learning Website).”

Morgue File

“This morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photographs and reference images for either corporate or public use. The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for illustrators, comic book artists, designers, teachers and all creative pursuits.”


This is a search engine for pictures  that fall under creative commons.  Bloggers, educators, and students can use said photos.  “Wylio automatically sizes the image, hosts the image, and builds the photo credit into the code.”


World Images

A site of over 80,000 images created by the Universities of California hosts creative commons license photos which can be used by students and teachers.  Proper credit must be given upon use. “It has just been selected by the Library of Congress for inclusion in its historic collection of Internet materials. It contains approximately 80,000 images, is global in coverage and includes all areas of visual imagery.”


Photos 8

These images are copyright free but according to the website, however, the creator would request linking back to his site and giving him credit.  There are photos on numerous topics (animals, landscapes, etc.) and all are amazing quality.  The creator is a graphic artist and shares his pictures with all.  You can search the site as well as use the categories on the side.

One cannot speak of copyright free images without mentioning  One can go to this site to search for any time of media which is copyright free.  Simply go to and pick your engine of choice (video, image, etc.) and you will easily find a legal media.  I especially like the new interface in beta.



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