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PostHeaderIcon The ADHD Epidemic

This is an interesting video on education.  I would like to think that Libraries are moving in the right direction.  Learning Commons and other creative experiences work against this enlightenment and industrial revolution idea of education.

PostHeaderIcon Glogster EDU

I have to admit that I am a bit late on the Glogster wagon.  I have not used it as I had not yet had projects in my elementary library classes to use it.  I am also not in a 1-to-1 situation yet so sharing computers is challenging.  Well today I decided to bite the bullet and do a little playing around the Edu version of Glogster.  I have to say I am loving it.  The interactivity and visuals are great.

I would love to introduce my teachers to an alternative to the poster and any number of mobiles and such.  A glog is so much more engaging for students because they can add the media they enjoy such as videos and animated graphics.  I think glogster alows students to be creative in a new medium.

I am currently using it as a site map of sorts for my library homepage.  I have bitten the bullet and decided to create modern pathfinders to aid teachers and students to great multimedia resources.  It is a great site map and quite a bit easier to create than those of the past.  I do wonder how compatible they are with screen readers for the blind.  If anyone is aware of the status on that please let me know.

Uploading is not a problem in Glogster.  Multimedia files, images, videos, audio are all supported.  You can even pull in videos by recording them in realtime while in glogster (video, image, and audio).  There are selections of graphics, text, image, video, sound, data, draw, and wall (wallpaper/background).  However, the draw feature is a premium feature that one must pay for.  I did not miss it while creating my pathfinder.  One could just use paint or another website to create hand-drawn items and then upload the image file.

Here is the one that I am in the middle of creating:

PostHeaderIcon Pixton Comic Creator


I recently stumbled upon a website called Pixton.  Pixton is a comic creator.  There are features that one cannot use unless you pay for the site, but there are plenty of features in the free version.  The site works by dragging and dropping pictures.  There are several formats users can use to create the comics:

  • The Classic — one row comic with punch
  • Super Long — Up to 12 rows to work with
  • Sunday Funny — Two rows of comic genius
  • Freestyle — Create panels of any shape and size
  • Pixture — Create a profile pixture
  • Poster — Extra large format panel
  • Quickie — One row comic quick start

There are several layouts within those templates.   Once you select a template, you have a simplistic editor in which to create the comic.  There is a community of images, so the user does not need access to creation of new characters,  although it would add to the product.  For 50 student accounts for a year, it is $130 and less for less time.  I am interested to see how this site improves in the future.  Try out the full product for 30 days free (educational account)

Below is a video on how the program works:

PostHeaderIcon Educational Game Creators

Scratch is a well-known downloadable program from MIT.  It works extremely well, but can become  rather complicated.  One is also required to download the program.  Much like Scratch, it is a new website called Sharendipity.

“Create a game or other fun application in just a few clicks with Sharendipity’s free game creation tools! You won’t have to write a single line of code and when you’re done you can share” on any number of social sites and throughout the web.  There are many ways to create a game including from scratch and a template.  There is also an extensive how-to manual with videos. One is really limited only by your imagination.  Creation of games can be as much a review tool as playing the actual game.

ProProfs games is a game creation site.  You can create interactive Crossword puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Word searches, Sliding puzzle, Word Scramble, and Hangman.  Included in the site are also quiz games, flashcards, and polls.  It is a simple site to use and could add games easily to your curriculum with very little time spent.  This is the easiest game site to use and operate.  However, you are very limited to the games templates.

Jeopardy Labs is a Jeopardy game creator.  It does not use Powerpoint and is completely in the cloud.  “JeopardyLabs allows you to create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint. The games you make can be played online from anywhere in the world. Building your own jeopardy template is a piece of cake. Just use our simple editor to get your game up and running.”  Schools have long used the jeopardy model for review and this website continues that tradition.  In addition, there are many games on the site which have already been created.  Take advantage of the creation work of others.

Purpose Games is a site much like Quia, except it is free.  This sites gives teachers assessment tools to use.  They are focused on question and answer.  Like the other sites you can use games created by other members.  From the games I have viewed, they are appropriate.  However, there are entertainment-type games such as naming all the characters of the Simpsons.

Sploder is a level based game creator.  Be aware that shooting can become a part of this program.  It reminds me of the Sonic the Hedgehog games and Mario Brothers games.  However, the graphics are better and it gives students the beginnings of game creation.  A demo is included before users create an account.  It is very easy to pick up and needs very little explanation.  It is drag and drop and continuously gives you suggestions on what you can do to edit.  A very fun little program in the cloud.

Lastly, Spelling City (and now Vocabulary City) is a oldie but goodie.  For elementary students, spelling words can be a real struggle.  Spelling City takes spelling words and creates many different games to help students review their spelling words.  Teachers can create an account or students can just put in their words without creating an account.  This is a very popular site!

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