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Little Bird Tales

One of my favorite sites has an update.  It is now possible to create teacher accounts.  This allows teachers to manage students’ accounts and create individual logins.  I am quite excited about this facet of the site.  Little Bird Tales Additional Features

If you are unfamiliar with Little Bird Tales, it is a website that allows users to create eBooks.  There is a recording and illustrating component.  I have been using it for about a month now to create Biscuit books.  Our visiting author this year is Alyssa Satin Capucilli, who has written the Biscuit series.  We are creating our own Biscuit tales and illustrating them on the Smartboard (interactive board of your choice).  Check it out!

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There are many Web 2.0 options for digital storytelling.  Traditionally, I have used Photostory 2 and it has worked well.  However, many schools are not keen on the use of software and are moving toward products in the cloud.  This also gives us the option of increased accessibility.  Students can then use the knowledge they have learned in other situations.


A free product, Storybirds, are “art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print” (from the website).  Instead of starting with the story, storybird starts with an image.  One is then invited to create the story from the picture – a reversal of traditional storytelling.  A visual student can create a story from an image.  One picks a piece of art (from an artist) and then comes to a canvas in which to drag the picture that sparks a story and begin the story process.  One can print, share, and read the story once completed.  The creation of the story takes very little time.  In order to save you must have a free account.

Little Bird Tales

A free product.  Little Bird Tales is a digital storytelling site in which you can add your voice and pictures.  A very unique tool because a user can create, using a paint feature, illustrations.  A touchpad on a laptop is a good tool to use for creation.  Artwork can be added by uploading or creating pictures via paint.  Each page includes the option to record via microphone the text of the story.  The end result is a movie of the story.  The interface is very user friendly and could be used by elementary and middle school.  It might seem a bit young for High School.  But for a picture book project it might be ideal.  A good tool for ebook creation.  No limit of pages has yet been reached.


A free product.  ToonDoo allows users to create comics.  For 10 cents per user per month, one can have an educator account which will open the entire site.  I have not yet found this necessary.  This site is a drag and drop site.  The user creates toons which when put together will create a story.  Many toons then can create a book.  Users use the clipart (characters, speech bubbles, backgrounds, etc.) provided by the site.  In addition, users can add their own unique content.  This site is flash-based making current use on the iPad impossible.

Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators By Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

“This guide was written especially for educators, who want to teach 21st century skills, such as collaborating, communicating, and connecting, through digital storytelling.”  This is a free download from or you can purchase it for 8.50 from  This guide includes how to use Audacity, PhotoStory, VoiceThread, etc.
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