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PostHeaderIcon Kindle and Webpages Meet

Kindlebility allows users to send webpages to their kindles.  This opens the doors on your kindle to utilize its free internet capability.  Kindlebility reformats the website for easy viewing on the Kindle.  Once set up, use of Kindlebility requires one click and the site arrives at your kindle in seconds.

Setting up Kindlebility:

  • Go to Kindlebility site & enter your Kindle email address (
  • A bookmarklet is created (add to your bookmarks bar)
  • Go to Amazon, enter your account page, and find the email whitelist under the Manage My Kindle settings.
  • Add to the whitelist.

Source:  Download Squad

PostHeaderIcon eTextbooks — Free and Personalized

eTextbooks — the future of education???

eTextbooks seem to be on the horizon.  Some districts have begun to embrace them from California to New York.  There are pockets of creators and district initiatives.  Then there are the choices of pdf, ePub, eBook, and many others.  What format should this new book take.  Will you have videos, links, and other media?  Of course, we say, because we want to take advantage of the technology of today.  Will the textbook take advantage of collaboration and be an editable text?  Will you add student work?

There are many questions to ask before one begins undertaking an eTextbook.  However, I believe the benefits are well worth the effort.  A text that changes and evolves with the class and links directly to instruction rather than driving it.  How many teachers have truly reached the end of their textbook by June?  Few that I know of.  The money saved by using eTextbooks could put a computer or digital device in the hands of each student (1:1 iPad or Kindle or Nook anyone??)


You can buy eTextbooks but why?  Unless time is a real issue the ability to create your own textbook is power.  You can work as grade levels and create a text that will truly supplement your teaching.

Flexbooks – Create interactive textbooks using this online creator.  There are quite a few textbooks that have been created.

EPUB Conversion — This format can be read by eReaders including the iPad.  PDF & Word Document Converter to EPUB

Traditional ebook creator (no multimedia features): You can create traditional books, cookbooks, textbooks, etc.  However, they are not interactive (yet…I have high hopes for in the future)

Ebook – Add to this myebook’s powerful yet simple user interface, and you have the ultimate ebook platform for your own or your class publication. You can even embed or link to videos, audio, documents, images and flash files to make your books fully interactive.  Be careful when using with students as some of the books on the site are not necessarily the best for younger students.  A true eBook creator!  A site in which users can create digital content that is meant to be viewed on digital devices and computers.

PostHeaderIcon eTextbooks a Reality?


Textbooks might soon be a thing of the past, however, there are some great websites that could be used to create textbooks.  Personalized textbooks created by teachers for students.  Each class could have their own textbook which would include student work and information.  The idea of a textbook is dated and usually when students receive the text it is actually dated.  Given time, I think Teachers would jump at the chance to create a textbook based on the information they teach rather than having 50% of the book that one does not have time to cover.

I recently discovered a site specializing in e-Textbooks and the creation of them: The usability of the site is great and resembles many bookmaking sites.  There are plenty of examples to view and get inspiration from or even utlize the information contained within (with proper sourcing of course).  Books can be downloaded to iPads, Kindles, computers and it has an interactive component which traditional textbooks do not have.  If the author allows, you can create your own textbook from the textbooks created by others.  Really, the sky is the limit with this product.  Keep in mind that the videos and flash animations only work in the HTML versions of the flexbook.

“Traditional textbooks are both expensive and rigid. FlexBooks conform to national and state textbook standards. They are free, easy to update and easy to customize. With FlexBooks, you can customize your textbooks to support your innovative work in the classroom. The CK-12 Foundation provides FlexBooks free to anyone who wants to use them.”


PostHeaderIcon 21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success

This is an eBook from the Department of Education and Early Development in the State Government of Victoria.  I think one of the coolest parts of this eBook, beyond the content, is that it actually functions as a book.   As a librarian, this was quite cool.

Content in this eBook is great.  It gives a complete overview of the process of creating 1 to 1 technology implementation.  I have not achieved this at my current school, but it is ideal.  With grants and such, it might be possible and I am quite excited.  Finding research and books such as these to support and aid implementation is key.

Checkout the book :)

21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success

PostHeaderIcon Fakewall aka Fakebook

Students love social media and even though one must be 18 to legally be a member of quite a few social networks this does not stop students.  It is important for educators to harness the power of social media.  I recently attended a session with Allison Zmuda who introduced me to creating Facebook pages for characters.  With a little bit of surfing, I discovered Fakewall.

Fakewall is a facebook page creator.  It is in no way affiliated with Facebook nor does it link to Facebook.  Therefore it may be possible to have fakebook unblocked.  Some of my favorites are Cinderella and Ben Franklin.  This could be in conjunction with a book, history, a scientist.  The options are limitless.  It would also be a great opportunity to talk to students about the dangers of Facebook.  Just because students are not supposed to be on Facebook does not mean they are not or will not be in the future.

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