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Al Gore’s follow up to An Inconvenient Truth is called Our Choice. However, why create a traditional book? Along comes Push Pop Press and Charlie Melter (sp?) with the first feature length interactive books.  This book is a perfect book the explore interactivity in books.  The book details all the solutions for the environment challenges on Earth today.

This video comes from Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading and is a mere 6 minutes long and features Mike Matas explaining how the book will function and read. Over an hour of documentary footage with be included in Our Choice. You can use gestures inherent in iOS. It shows and explores how the information impacts regions in real time.  I think we really do need to think of interactive books as separate entities.  Traditional books are good at what they are trying to accomplish.  However, there is so much more that can be conveyed in this medium.  The book almost functions as a pathfinder and collage of different media, pictures, and text.  It is not a book that needs to be read the whole way through, but can.  It is a bit like a personalized book….or at least what a personalized book looks like today.

There are some new features within this book (it does help that Mr. Matas worked on the interfaces and artwork for the iOS).   As you can see from the picture at the left, one of the interactive components is the ability of the user to blow into the iPad/iPhone/iTouch and it shows the impact of wind energy.  Think about the possibilities of interactivity.  I am excited to see what Mr. Matas has up his sleeve for fiction books.  Please note:  It currently works with iPhone and iPad but I wonder about Android products.

About Mike Matas (from Ted: Ideas Worth Spreading)

“Mike Matas has worked on some of the most intriguing tech projects of the past 10 years. As a (surprisingly) young coder, he co-founded Delicious Monster, makers of the elegant cataloging tool Delicious Library. In 2005, he went to work for Apple, where he designed user interfaces and artwork for the iPhone, the iPad and Mac OS X.

Now he’s the co-founder of Push Pop Press, a new digital publishing company.  Push Pop’s first title is Al Gore’s “Our Choice,” playable on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.”


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Kindlebility allows users to send webpages to their kindles.  This opens the doors on your kindle to utilize its free internet capability.  Kindlebility reformats the website for easy viewing on the Kindle.  Once set up, use of Kindlebility requires one click and the site arrives at your kindle in seconds.

Setting up Kindlebility:

  • Go to Kindlebility site & enter your Kindle email address (
  • A bookmarklet is created (add to your bookmarks bar)
  • Go to Amazon, enter your account page, and find the email whitelist under the Manage My Kindle settings.
  • Add to the whitelist.

Source:  Download Squad

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Little Bird Tales

One of my favorite sites has an update.  It is now possible to create teacher accounts.  This allows teachers to manage students’ accounts and create individual logins.  I am quite excited about this facet of the site.  Little Bird Tales Additional Features

If you are unfamiliar with Little Bird Tales, it is a website that allows users to create eBooks.  There is a recording and illustrating component.  I have been using it for about a month now to create Biscuit books.  Our visiting author this year is Alyssa Satin Capucilli, who has written the Biscuit series.  We are creating our own Biscuit tales and illustrating them on the Smartboard (interactive board of your choice).  Check it out!

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Little Bird Tales

I think one of my favorite new tools is Little Bird Tales.  It is a fabulous elementary level program for creation of ebooks.  It includes a recording component and the ability for students to create their own artwork.

I have been using this website on the Interactive White Board (Smart, Promethean, Mimeo, etc.), and it is fabulous.  My students are engaged in creating a book and I cannot wait to add the completed books to my catalog.  Not to mention, we are creating companion books to those books written by our visiting author,  Alyssa Satin Capucilli.  Biscuit is going a lot of places in Kindergarten and 1st grade.

You can also use this tool in older grades and have students each create their own tale.

I really like the tool on the Smartboard because it is so interactive and gives students an opportunity to collaborate and work together.  You can see the painting app within little bird tales and it has many colors and many of the same options as Windows Paint.  You have  a lot of options for the color.  The students love seeing their own artwork rather than uploading images from a camera or an open source image.  Students have more ownership of the creation.



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International Children’s Digital Library

The International Children’s Digital Library is a website with thousands of eBooks from more than 60 countries.  Browsing the catalog does not require registration.  However, if you do register you can save pages and create a personal bookshelf.  There are iPhone and iPad apps for reading books.

You can find books in nearly any language from Afrikaans to Yiddish.  An excellent source for international students and ESL students.

Browsing in the catalog includes age, genre, language, length, and color of book cover.  One can read the book page by page or by selecting a specific page.


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