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Flashcard Creators & Student Technology Skills

So many students come in the library asking for index cards.  Well today I had run out for the millionth time and decided to open my students minds a little bit.  I said, why don’t we try to do it online?  The two students were agreeable.  So I found in a quick Google search.  We quickly signed them up for accounts and they were typing.

What is great about this site in particular is that you can use the site to review the flashcards, send to your iDevice, and even print them.  These students were still stuck in the paper mode and immediately wanted to print them out which I helped them with.  There appears to be an assumption that students automatically think digital when working on projects.  They do not, in my experience, for two reasons.  1. Their teachers do not tell them it is an option 2. So much of what we do in education is paper-based, so it is not modeled

Students know how to play games and they play a lot of them.  But for most students, they know very little about what many adults would consider basic desktop publishing skills.  I told one student (7th grade) to change the margins and they looked at me like I had 3 heads.  It is so easy to include the basics in a way that is relevant to students.  They have to make the connection between what they do in school and in the rest of their life.

Check out the following free Flashcard Creators

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Bembo’s Zoo


This site is a fabulous website for alphabet recognition and a bit of an education in animals.  Each letter is represented by a letter which transforms (via flash) into a letter animal starting with that letter.  It is based on a book called Bembo’s Zoo.  If you look on Youtube, there are many people who have copied the style for new letters and animals.  Included also is the sound the animal would make.  This also works beautifully on a Smartboard.

Applications: Ways to aid students’ understanding of the alphabet as well as having students create their own Bembo’s Zoo.

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Zimmer Twins

This Web 2.0 tool is ideal for the elementary level.  Nothing to download and it is possible to use the site without a login.  In order to save animations, you must create an account.  You can create a movie from scratch or use one of the movies as a starter.  There are 4 types of actions:  speech bubble, actions, close-up clips, and star actions (such as Later that Day).  This is a free product with additional features opened if you create a paid account.

Do Ink

This Web 2.0 tool is a more complex tool than Zimmer Twins.  This will allow users to create their own animations from scratch.  There is a clip art library and the ability to free hand draw animations.  The tool is very easy to use and even has 2 tutorial videos to explain its use.  Think of it as a web based Photoshop Lite Animation tool.  Not as complex as Fireworks, but it can do a lot of the same things for images.  Also a plus, this is a Java-based product rather than Flash.


A little bit of both of the two tools I mentioned previously. It is a next generation animation tool which uses Flash.  It is for the older users due to the graphics used.  You do not need an account to use the tool.  It is limited in the backgrounds, animations, and characters that are available.  However, it is easy to use and can be completed rather quickly which is nice as a filler activity.

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