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Studies have continually shown us the importance of play and games in education.  There are a lot of free options online, but which ones should you use?  Which ones are open without having to have them unblocked?  I do focus on elementary games as that is my age group, but the sites I have found tend to include K-8.  I have students try out different sites all the time as I have an enrichment time during my day.  This is fabulous for teaching small groups of students new technology and games that come out.  We learn from each other.  I cannot imagine a better type of learning.

SchoolCenter PictureProngo is filled with Free games, Quiz games, Stock Market Games, Puzzles, Mazes, Ages 3-6, Ages 6-9, Memory Match, Kids Jokes, and more.  This is a relatively new site that I just stumbled upon.  My students enjoy it quite a bit and even log on at home.

SchoolCenter Picture

BrainNook is a new online game that helps students develop Math and English Skills while exploring the Earth and playing safely with others.  Another new site.  It is a great interactive site that I cannot wait to share with my students.  The art and animation looks to be quite professional.  Anything that resembles games they are playing during their free time is an instant plus.

SchoolCenter Picture Funschool offers free online educational elementary games for kids as well as printable activities, coloring and crafts that will help kids learn and improve their skills.  Funschool does have quite a few more arcade type games.  So it is important to steer kids to some of the more educational games.  However, mouse control is another important skill that can be practiced in such games.


SchoolCenter Picture SpellingCity uses a student’s spelling words and creates review games.  If it has to do with words, find it on SpellingCity.  Practicing one’s spelling words is not quite so much of a burden if you use this site.



SchoolCenter Picture Star Fall is a website to teach children to read with phonics with games and activities.  This is definitely ideal for early elementary.  However, I have found 2nd and 3rd graders still enjoy the site (it is just quite easy for them).


SchoolCenter Picture PBSKids is a website with games based on many popular PBS shows.  Education based games can be found on the site.  Students enjoy playing games related to the tv shows they watch.  Many of the games and activities on PBS Kids are education-based.  Character recognition keeps students coming back.



SchoolCenter Picture is filled with Hangman, matching, word search, and vocabulary trivia games to help students learn vocabulary.  This site has taken traditional games and recreated them into fun and interactive games.



I know there are tons more sites, but I thought I would start with these and keep adding as I discover more sites.  Check in again for Math, Science, and History games.  Thanks for reading.  Also so sorry I was MIA yesterday.  Book Fair setup :)



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Manga High

Thanks to Free Tech for Teachers, I discovered a great website with free math games.  Now there are hundreds of different sites for math games, but few allow the teacher to have access to statistics of their students progress in those games.  Manga High does this for free!

The site has recently opened itself to free accounts for teachers.  You can have unlimited accounts!  The games are high quality as well.  They remind me of many of the popular facebook games out these days.  The graphics are excellent and I did not have any issues with functionality during play.  This is a good option if  you are looking for high quality math games.

The teacher creates accounts for students and they login to that account.  This will give data to monitor progress and discover inconsistencies in knowledge.  The games are fun and interactive, making the assessment much more fun than it normally would be.

Some Topics Included:

  • Decimals
  • Times Tables
  • Algebra
  • Exponents
  • Roots
  • Addition, Subtraction
  • Multiplication, Division
  • Percentages
  • Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Ordering
  • and many more

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Scratch is a well-known downloadable program from MIT.  It works extremely well, but can become  rather complicated.  One is also required to download the program.  Much like Scratch, it is a new website called Sharendipity.

“Create a game or other fun application in just a few clicks with Sharendipity’s free game creation tools! You won’t have to write a single line of code and when you’re done you can share” on any number of social sites and throughout the web.  There are many ways to create a game including from scratch and a template.  There is also an extensive how-to manual with videos. One is really limited only by your imagination.  Creation of games can be as much a review tool as playing the actual game.

ProProfs games is a game creation site.  You can create interactive Crossword puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Word searches, Sliding puzzle, Word Scramble, and Hangman.  Included in the site are also quiz games, flashcards, and polls.  It is a simple site to use and could add games easily to your curriculum with very little time spent.  This is the easiest game site to use and operate.  However, you are very limited to the games templates.

Jeopardy Labs is a Jeopardy game creator.  It does not use Powerpoint and is completely in the cloud.  “JeopardyLabs allows you to create a customized jeopardy template without PowerPoint. The games you make can be played online from anywhere in the world. Building your own jeopardy template is a piece of cake. Just use our simple editor to get your game up and running.”  Schools have long used the jeopardy model for review and this website continues that tradition.  In addition, there are many games on the site which have already been created.  Take advantage of the creation work of others.

Purpose Games is a site much like Quia, except it is free.  This sites gives teachers assessment tools to use.  They are focused on question and answer.  Like the other sites you can use games created by other members.  From the games I have viewed, they are appropriate.  However, there are entertainment-type games such as naming all the characters of the Simpsons.

Sploder is a level based game creator.  Be aware that shooting can become a part of this program.  It reminds me of the Sonic the Hedgehog games and Mario Brothers games.  However, the graphics are better and it gives students the beginnings of game creation.  A demo is included before users create an account.  It is very easy to pick up and needs very little explanation.  It is drag and drop and continuously gives you suggestions on what you can do to edit.  A very fun little program in the cloud.

Lastly, Spelling City (and now Vocabulary City) is a oldie but goodie.  For elementary students, spelling words can be a real struggle.  Spelling City takes spelling words and creates many different games to help students review their spelling words.  Teachers can create an account or students can just put in their words without creating an account.  This is a very popular site!

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