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There has been an interesting transition of utilizing gaming in education.  I saw this on Mindshift this evening and I thought it was an interesting visual on gaming.  I know that I am always looking for Wii games to use in education as my district has one.  It is always great to have documentation to give to administrators on the benefits and the way games can be used in education.  Not as a reward, but as a part of learning.



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Justin Hoenke, Teen Librarian at Cape May County Library, guest posts at Library Garden with 5 Reasons why you should be gaming in your Library. If you’re considering video game programs or circulating video game collections in your library, you will want to check out this article for Hoenke’s reasons:

  1. Welcome to the 21st Century!
  2. Gaming builds community.
  3. You will see all sorts of new people in your library.
  4. You couldn’t ask for an easier way to get teens interested in the library.
  5. The initial cost may be high, but the return investment is priceless.

(Source: iLibrarian)

Now Justin is looking at a public library, but these reasons are just as important in School Libraries.  If we are trying to transition libraries into learning commons, then it is imperative that we get to where the students are.  Students are doing more with games than simply playing them.

This past April, to coincide with School Library month, I did a schoolwide read-a-thon.  We are a small K-3 building and we (staff and students) read over 83K pages.  The reward (the goal being 30K) is a Chocolate party.  During each library class for the next cycle (6 days), students will have a chocolate party.  Included in this chocolate party is moi dressed as a fairy.  Not to mention wii and board games.  I have heard a lot about gaming in the library and the utilization of games in education.  Well, I am putting this to the test this week and a day.  We shall see how it goes.

I have a plan.  Thankfully, our Library System has Wiis to borrow as well as games.  So I have 2 Wiis (8 controllers) and 4 wheels for Mario Cart.   Each Wii will be a center and at the remaining tables will be board games.  Each of these activities are all about collaboration and using the strengths of each other to complete a goal.  Another goal is to have students who do not have this technology at home experience it – not to mention proper behavior during games (good sportsmanship and empathy).

The Librarians Guide to Gaming

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