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Timelines are a staple in social studies and ela.  They help students keep track of dates and facts.  I have been searching for a good online-timeline creator for a while.  I have tried dipity which is good but I find that it is very slow to load and is limited to the number you can create and information mediums.  So I searched and searched for an alternative and lo and behold I found Meograph.  Not only is it free (YAY!) it can embed videos, text, audio, and uses Google Maps.  I was in heaven.  I did this with a class and it went smoothly.  Well almost smoothly (internet went down once).


As you can see at the left you can add an event, then a when (date), where (location), link (with more information).  You can also add a photo, youtube video, and even narration.  The narration online is limited to 30 secs.  However, you can upload unlimited audio.  I used audacity (remember you need the LAME encoder to save as MP3) and had the students record and publish as a MP3.

A note on location:  You must use the current name of the city or town.  Therefore if you are talking about Ancient Persia you need to find the modern country.



PostHeaderIcon Tiki Toki — Free Timeline

Tiki Toki

Tiki Toki is an online timeline creator.  I remember in school making several timelines.  They were always so boring and we disliked completing them.  They had no relevance because all we did was put down dates and a few words of what was going on.  Creating a timeline for a history class and utilizing within the class would be amazing, as well as, having students create them.

I would not have minded created them if I could have used this tool.  You can create an interactive time line with videos, pop up text boxes, and image galleries.  It is completely free!  Understanding the passage of time and how it related to the rest of the world is important and so much more interactive and engaging this way.  I am quite excited to share this with my fellow teachers.

There is a small learning curve and it has a lot of options. Users can customize the background image, add media and expanded details for each item on the timeline, and so on.

Unfortunately, for the free account you can only create one timeline at a time.  However, after you have created the timeline you can embed it in a website or other site and create another.

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This is an animation tool which states, “if you can type, you can make movies.”  There is an education version of the site.  One can use a downloadable version or online version.

This is a Text-to-Movie (TTM) which gives you many different “showpaks” consisting of two actors (avatars).  The user writes the script and drags action icons into the script (camera angles, facial expressions, gestures, and animations).  The voices are monotone, but it is quite fun and the results are unique and amusing.

Educational Use:  Book trailers, movies of any kind, review of historical events, informational videos, etc.

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