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Tiki Toki

Tiki Toki is an online timeline creator.  I remember in school making several timelines.  They were always so boring and we disliked completing them.  They had no relevance because all we did was put down dates and a few words of what was going on.  Creating a timeline for a history class and utilizing within the class would be amazing, as well as, having students create them.

I would not have minded created them if I could have used this tool.  You can create an interactive time line with videos, pop up text boxes, and image galleries.  It is completely free!  Understanding the passage of time and how it related to the rest of the world is important and so much more interactive and engaging this way.  I am quite excited to share this with my fellow teachers.

There is a small learning curve and it has a lot of options. Users can customize the background image, add media and expanded details for each item on the timeline, and so on.

Unfortunately, for the free account you can only create one timeline at a time.  However, after you have created the timeline you can embed it in a website or other site and create another.

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Rocks and Weathering

I discovered an interactive video called Rocks and Weathering on BBC (thanks Free Technology For Teachers).  It really goes through the rock cycle extremely concisely and even includes some interactive features.  This would work great on a SMART Board or any interactive white board.   This would be a great addition for a lesson on the rock cycle.  It also includes multiple choice questions at the end for review.

Each type of rock is explained: sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks.  When explaining each rock, students can create and inspect (magnifying glass) the rocks.  Creation is accomplished by compacting (sedimentary),  adding water (igneous) to cool the lava.  In the final animation, students can destroy rocks by weathering and erosion.  The video also explains the difference between the two.  Finally the entire rock cycle is reviewed as a cycle which shows rocks as more than just lumps of minerals.


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Amazon Prime

In an effort to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime members can now stream videos.  According to the website, Prime membership will include free upgrades to 2 day shipping and unlimited, commercial-free, instant streaming of 5,000 movies and TV shows at no additional cost.  This is quite exciting for those with the membership.  Many schools may block Netflix but keep Amazon open.

Remember one can show up to 15% of a movie in a classroom without repercussion of breaking copyright.  Many areas of the country have regional centers who purchase media with the performance license.  Take advantage of these groups.  In my district we have BOCES which can provide videos for viewing within the copyright environment.

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