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So, I discovered two more sites where you can download sound effects and music for free.  Users have created these sites and one only needs to give credit when using their creations.


Discover the true value of free music.  One can use the music on this site for education  and personal projects.  They only ask that credit be given.  The user can use their facebook login, which can be useful.  Many of the video creation sites have some music, but it is rather limited.  It is so important to have such websites available to us.

  • 300,442 tracks of all genres
  • Stream and download for free
  • Unlimited and legal sharing

Check here for more open source options: Free Music

Sound Bible

Now another type of audio necessary when creating digital content is good sound effects.  The Sound Bible is an excellent source for sound effects that do not fall into the category of music.  It is free and has a request-a- sound portion of the website, which is great.  A user can request a sound that is not yet in the collection and the creators will contact you with the sound.

“ offers thousands of free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds. These sounds can be used in a variety of sound projects including Video Sound Scores, Movie Scoring, Game Design, Powerpoint Presentations, Prank Calls, Sound Boards, and the list goes on. is a great source for copyright free sounds “

  • Our project benefits teachers, students, faculty, and starving artists. They couldn’t afford to buy them, so we are forced to give them away for free. :)
  • The Royalty Free Sounds section consists of Creative Commons and Public Domain works


PostHeaderIcon Copyright-Free Music Sites

Anyone creating digital media quickly discovers their need for copyright free music.  Whether it is a book trailer, photostory, or any number of projects,  music is a necessity.  There are many sources, but not all truly royalty free.  Below you will find several different sources I have used for free music.


Animoto is a web 2.0 tool that gives one the ability to create (for free) 30 second videos (with music, photos, and videos).  Their is an edu version as well as an educational account in which you can have up to 50 accounts related to an email address.  It has integrated music within their product.  They have many choices to use in their web 2.0 product.  Genres such as seasonal, pop, classical, jazz, etc.  Unfortunately, you cannot export their music for use in other applications.


Free Play Music is an excellent source of royalty-free music.  They are sortable by style, feel, and cd volume.  There are two different versions of the site.  They are currently updating their site.  The original version is here and the updated version is here.  The updated version looks very similar to an iTunes model which many people are familiar with.  I prefer the new version with its search box, ability to preview songs online, ability to have an account, add items to your account, and a music player (Please note it is currently down for maintenance)

Royalty Free Music has a section with music freely available for education.  The amount of music available is not extensive, but this is another source.


iTunes (blog which lists free music available) store occasionally has free songs, however one would have to check the copyright status on such music.  Be sure that all the music you use is copyright free, royalty free, or you have permission to use it for educational purposes.


MusOpen is a warehouse of copyright free music, sheet music, and music player which is completely online.  Users must create an account which is free and can download music for use in any application.  Credit to the artist (if any) is appreciated.

Open Music Archive

“Open Music Archive is a collaborative project, initiated by artists Eileen Simpson & Ben White, to source, digitize and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings. The archive is open for anyone to use and contribute.”  You can download the music.  The usability is not great, but you can find the music.  There is a search, keywords, and current projects.  This music is all open source due to the fact that the music is out of copyright.

Internet Audio Archive

This library contains over two hundred thousand free digital recordings ranging from alternative news programming, to Grateful Dead concerts, to Old Time Radio shows, to book and poetry readings, to original music uploaded by our users. Many of these audios and MP3s are available for free download.  There is a search as well as many categories for browsing.   Downloading requires right-clicking the link and saving link as.  With a lot of different formats on the pages, it could get a little confusing for inexperienced downloaders.

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