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During the fall, I was lucky enough to be a part of a 3-day Learning Commons workshop (with David Loertscher and Allison Zmuda).  I learned a lot about integrating a Learning Commons model into our school library.  One of things that I was doing and did not realize it was the use of music.  When students are working and/or looking for books I will put on music that they enjoy.  We have bean bag chairs for students to use to “get comfortable” in the learning commons (library).  Even though I am at the elementary level,  it is quite easy to try to use the principles of a Learning Commons model.  Inquiry and experiential learning work perfectly with my goals for student learning and success.

So today, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite sites for streaming music.  These can be used for you or for your students.  I know that when I am working on papers, lesson plans, blogs, and many other things I am an avid music listener.

GrooveShark – this is an online streaming site that allows users to create playlists, favorites, and uploading music.  The user can then play playlists which allow shuffling songs and looping songs.  The only play feature not free is cross-fading songs.  The user can also access GrooveShark on digital devices such as blackberry and iphone.  However, it has been removed from Andriod apps due to complaints by record companies.  We shall see how record companies deal with such sites. (Note: It uses Flash)

Pandora this is another online streaming site that allows users to create playlists and favorites.  However, unlike GrooveShark, there are advertisements.  This could be a problem in schools depending on the commercials’ content.  You do need an account to use the service (without an account you can listen for a finite amount of time and then it prompts you to create an account).  Lack of clutter on the main page is a plus.  Although there is audio add, there is a lack of visual adds much like grooveShark.  The interface is very easy to use.  The service uses songs added to create a channel.  The user cannot choose a playlist like grooveshark and listen to any song at any time (with the free version).  The user can skip songs but there is a limit of times one can do this.  Pandora works on all major Smartphones.  iDevice App; Android App

TuneFort is a web app that lets you search, download and listen to songs for free. In a way, it can be described as “Grooveshark Lite”. Users can search for songs and add them to a playlist for online streaming. It’s nowhere near as robust as Grooveshark, but it’s fast, streamlined and does its job well.(Source)  Users do not create accounts, therefore no information is saved for future use (you must create a new playlist each time you go to the site) Note: Tunefort does not host any of the songs on its server. All songs are uploaded to by 4shared’s users. Tunefort is merely a simple web interface for 4shared’s massive database of songs. 4shared, much like many other filesharing sites, is operating under Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Jango (according to them) is free because of advertising.  This streaming music site is full of advertising.  It is everywhere in audio and visually.  There are popups frequently.  This is probably my least favorite in terms of functionality.  It is cluttered, however, you can create an account and save your playlists.  Much like Pandora, you cannot actually play a specific song.  You can add songs to your playlist which will increase the likelihood that said song will play on your station. is a free music playlist and streaming service. It is completely legal and free to use to the general public. With Audiolizer, you can create, save and share music playlists, allowing you to listen to music anywhere you have internet access.  One of the coolest facets of audiolizer is that you can upload your iTunes library into the cloud in order to listen to it anywhere with an internet connection.  I did find that when I upload it did not seem to upload all songs and this could be because the site uses Youtube to access the music, making it legal.  No music is hosted on the site.  So any less mainstream songs would not be added to the site.  You can create playlists and save them after creating an account.  I do wish in the future you could also upload your iTunes playlists.




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