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Having recently transitioned to Middle School library, I have seen students come in looking for pictures.  Where is their first source??  If you said Google Images you are correct.  It hurts my copyright heart, but they do.  I do my best to do mini lessons on why just going to Google Images is not the best choice.  It is so important on many levels for students to understand where information is coming from whether it is an image or a document.  Do you have the right to copy or edit an image?  These are questions users need to ask.  In this age of information, it is imperative that we are respectful of intellectual rights of creators whether digital or paper-based.

Below are some great resources for open source images, videos, and audio.  I, personally, tend to start with because it searches so many resources simultaneously.

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So, I discovered two more sites where you can download sound effects and music for free.  Users have created these sites and one only needs to give credit when using their creations.


Discover the true value of free music.  One can use the music on this site for education  and personal projects.  They only ask that credit be given.  The user can use their facebook login, which can be useful.  Many of the video creation sites have some music, but it is rather limited.  It is so important to have such websites available to us.

  • 300,442 tracks of all genres
  • Stream and download for free
  • Unlimited and legal sharing

Check here for more open source options: Free Music

Sound Bible

Now another type of audio necessary when creating digital content is good sound effects.  The Sound Bible is an excellent source for sound effects that do not fall into the category of music.  It is free and has a request-a- sound portion of the website, which is great.  A user can request a sound that is not yet in the collection and the creators will contact you with the sound.

“ offers thousands of free sound effects, sound clips, and straight up sounds. These sounds can be used in a variety of sound projects including Video Sound Scores, Movie Scoring, Game Design, Powerpoint Presentations, Prank Calls, Sound Boards, and the list goes on. is a great source for copyright free sounds “

  • Our project benefits teachers, students, faculty, and starving artists. They couldn’t afford to buy them, so we are forced to give them away for free. :)
  • The Royalty Free Sounds section consists of Creative Commons and Public Domain works


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@David Truss I discovered Simple Wikipedia which can be easily used with students.  It is a safe way to utilize Wikipedia in the classroom.  One does not have to worry as Simple Wikipedia uses less complex sentences than  From the authors, “We use Simple English words and grammar here. The Simple English Wikipedia is for everyone! That includes children and adults who are learning English.”


  • Basic English
  • Well written pages
  • Use the pages to learn and teach.
  • Simple but not necessarily short

Wikipedia can be quite extensive in knowledge and this is especially true of the science pages.  An easier version was a necessity. Although Wikipedia is not necessarily a ideal primary resource,  it can be extremely helpful during the beginning of the research process.  It generally gives excellent resources to reference during the beginning of a project.  Keep in mind that Wikipedia is updated constantly and can sometimes be the most up-to- date information resource available today.

For an even more kid friendly version check out:

  • It uses Google SafeSearch for added safety.
  • Not only does it search Simple English Wikipedia but it also easily searches online for safe sites :)


PostHeaderIcon Fotopedia


is a collaborative photo encyclopedia.  What an interesting idea.  One can search the photopedia or look at pictures and discover an article of information.  The articles are short and give you a bit of information which originates from Wikipedia.

Photos are under the creative commons license and are rated by users.  One can use their facebook account to login or create a free account.  Embedding or downloading the photos are possible options, making these photos ideal for student projects.  New pictures are constantly being added as it is a bit like a photo wikipedia.  The homepage reminds me of Bing, which I am not keen on but works in this instance.

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