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I recently discovered an asynchronous professional development site.  The courses on this site range from CSS Scripting to Harvesting Worms.  Anyone can teach or take a course.  It is possible to teach a class for free, however, most classes have a small fee (10-50 depending on the time frame).  This site takes learning from each other to another level.  It is called Learnable.

Each course includes a breakdown of the course lesson-by-lesson on its course page.  The instructor also includes a video (of themselves) or examples of what will be taught.  There are not a ton of classes on the site yet, but it is still growing.

I have not yet taken a class with them, but I think I will this summer.  I might even take a stab at teaching one.  It appears to me that the lessons are included, a question and answer, and instructional videos.  This is helpful when trying to understand technology.  The courses are a bit like video tutorials with the opportunity to ask the creator questions.

I have high hopes for this product and others like it:  Khan Academy.  These courses allow educators and students to further their knowledge.  I do hope that schools utilize such sites to augment what they offer rather than fighting against them.  I know I would have loved to take courses that were not offered in my school.  I was lucky enough to take a college course, but this is not an option for all students due to costs.


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TL Virtual Cafe:  Free Webinars

I recently found (@Gwyneth Jones) an excellent resource for webinars for Teacher Librarians and anyone interesting in educational technology.  It is called the TL Virtual Cafe and it has a host of information within webinars.

From the website: The TL Virtual Cafe is committed to creating transformative conversations about teacher-librarians, educational technology, and collaborative connections to facilitate meaningful and lifelong learning skills.

I have come across several webinars that I will be attending.  It is important to take advantage of such opportunities.  As professional development funds dwindle, we have to use the resources among us to learn and grow.  The webinars do require a small download (Elluminate) so keep that in mind if you want to participate during the webinar (Visit the website for more information).  Information is available on the site at the conclusion of the event.  Not to mention all past webinars are included on the site.

Some of the upcoming webinars:

A previous Webinar of interest for TLs:

Changed but Still Critical:
Brick and Mortar School Libraries in the Digital Age

October 4th – 8pm EST
Guest: Doug Johnson
Host: Ernie Cox

Technology has really given educators the ability to share learning with ease.  Travel is not an issue and we can get on with the exchange of ideas.  Finding free webinars give educators the opportunity to grow and learn without having to be outside the classroom.  Kudos to creators of such amazing content.

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This is an eBook from the Department of Education and Early Development in the State Government of Victoria.  I think one of the coolest parts of this eBook, beyond the content, is that it actually functions as a book.   As a librarian, this was quite cool.

Content in this eBook is great.  It gives a complete overview of the process of creating 1 to 1 technology implementation.  I have not achieved this at my current school, but it is ideal.  With grants and such, it might be possible and I am quite excited.  Finding research and books such as these to support and aid implementation is key.

Checkout the book :)

21 Steps to 1-to-1 Success

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