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Cloud computing is great when working with students.  Students can access their information from anywhere and the need for flash drives becomes antiquated.  Flash drives do have their uses but working in a library with computers, students are forever forgetting everything from their flash drives to their sweatshirts.    Anything to give students less things to remember is awesome.

Sliderocket is a nice web 2.0 tool that has nearly the functionality of powerpoint and keynote (it reminds me more of keynote than powerpoint in terms of finishing and professional looking product).  It has a lot of flexibility.  Sadly, you must pay for the product to export.  However, I easily did printscreens of each slide and that worked for printing for a board presentation that required paper-based.  I know I have discussed Sliderocket before, but their iOS app has me quite excited.  I was actually able to have my presentation on the iPad while I was presenting.  This was very helpful.  The app is only a viewer rather than being able to edit.

Below I have embedded the board presentation so you can see the type of product one can create from Sliderocket.  Keep in mind you can include video as well but it was not needed for mine.

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So sorry I have been MIA the past few days.  I have been working on a Technology Assessment for my third graders.  It is coming along nicely but of course it has too many questions so I need to pare them done somewhat.  I am also teaching a professional development tomorrow so I have been working on polishing that presentation.  Just to jump outside the box,  I decided to use SlideRocket for the presentation.

This is a superior cloud product.  It has done everything that I have needed it to do.  I did not have a video, so as of yet I have not embedded a video.  I began the project in Slide180, but the inability to add hyperlinks was not something I could live with.  I also really like the embed options on SlideRocket.  It really feels and runs like locally hosted software.  It also runs smoothly even though I am on a wireless connection.  Sometimes these flash sites want a little more bandwidth than is necessary..imho.  Below you can see my Sliderocket as well as the Web 2.0 technologies that I will be reviewing. (So sorry embedding is not working at the moment — thank you WP update)

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Prezi is a great tool if you rethink assumptions made of presentations.  One of my main complaints with power point presentations are too much text and the linear format.  If you want to go back to a different part of the presentation on the fly it is difficult.  However, in a Prezi you can zoom in on any part of your presenation at any time.  You group like things together and create a path but do not have to stick to it.  It gives you the option of going with the flow and making your presentation work for your situation.

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