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PostHeaderIcon Death to Powerpoint

There are many presentation options in the cloud.  Powerpoint is not always the best choice when creating a presentation.  Depending on where the presentation will be shared and presented, I have found better options.  Cloud computing is helpful when you do not know where you will be presenting or if the machine you will use is a mac or pc.  However, keep in mind if the location you are presenting does not have internet access cloud options are not ideal.  Keep in mind the criteria Sliderocket writes about in their blog.


Pros:   This option reminds me of keynote in its end product.  The graphics and functionality are seamless and professional.  I really liked the user interface for editing and adding content.  You can easily embed any presentation into your website.  You can also export the presentation as a PDF (But you must be in presentation mode in order to do this).  Adding charts, media, and forms/polls is easy and integrated.  There are a lot of cool effects that you can use during the presentation.  Not to mention the ability to create your own theme.  It also allows you to add music to your slides that will auto play.

Cons:  You have to purchase a subscription to export your presentation as an editable presentation.  Flash-based utility (no iOS)


Pros:  Easy embedding into any site.  Also easy import of YouTube videos by merely pasting in the URL for the video.  I really like Prezi for an interest catcher.

Cons:  It is easy to overuse the zooming effects and some listeners to your presentations might become motion sick.  Be careful when using the zoom feature.  Limited background but this can be remedied with importing images.  It is flash-based so viewing on iDevices is out.  Hopefully they will come up with a HTML5 version soon.

280 Slides

Pros:  Very easy to use and embedding, downloading, and sharing of all kinds is easy to use.  One does not have to create an account which is nice in a school (but you cannot save to the site without a login).  The site is free and exporting in Powerpoint 2007 is very easy to do.  The user can import media and pictures.

Cons:  The user is very limited in terms of backgrounds.  Although you can import a picture as a background this is not as convenient as creating a theme.  This is a very stripped down version of powerpoint.  Flash-based utility (no iOS)


Pros:  Very easy to use, however, it is a unique presentation tool.  Instead of creating slides from original data, this product takes pictures, audio, video, and urls located online to create a stack of information.  An interesting idea and a new way to think about presentations.  The embed code is listed on the website and it can easily be posted to twitter and Facebook.

Cons:  If the data required is not online,  this solution would not be ideal.

Google Docs Presentation

Pros:  User friendly and connected to the users Google Account.  Another login is not necessary.  Product functions very similar to powerpoint.  Adding speaker’s notes is easy and any presentation can be shared and collaborated on in realtime.  Exporting can be accomplished from a PDF, text, and Powerpoint file.  Importing media and pictures is clear and understandable.

Cons:  Limited amount of fonts to choose from.  There are no layouts to choose from.  Objects cannot be rotated.






PostHeaderIcon Prezi


Prezi is a great tool if you rethink assumptions made of presentations.  One of my main complaints with power point presentations are too much text and the linear format.  If you want to go back to a different part of the presentation on the fly it is difficult.  However, in a Prezi you can zoom in on any part of your presenation at any time.  You group like things together and create a path but do not have to stick to it.  It gives you the option of going with the flow and making your presentation work for your situation.

PostHeaderIcon Next Generation in Powerpoint

Powerpoint….used far too much in teaching and projects for students.  There are a few alternatives which can refresh your presentations.


The ultimate mashup tool.  Its not your typical slideshow… Add Youtubevideos, images, links to images, text, and more to your slides!  It is not the static powerpoint and it is constantly being updated to allow additional items to be added to your slideshow.  Now combine things from all over the web. We’re adding more options all the time.


A zooming presentation tool.  Rather than thinking about a presentation as a linear experience, think about it as many conversations.  Group like things together and have the flexibility to go to any point of your presentation at any time.  You can hide items within your presentation.  It is a bit like powerpoint: videogame edition.  I warn you that some people can experience motion sickness if you use the zooming too much.  Please note that one can acquire an educational account which gives you additional online storage space and no ads.  Prezi functions within flash exclusively so Adobe Flash is required.  Anyone is welcome to use this Prezi Intro for your own instructional needs.   I have created a prezi on prezi as seen below:

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