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EasyBib & Google Addons

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  EasyBib is a great app and it has recently been included in Google Docs Addons.  Addons are a recent addition to Google Docs and a great one.  I can… Read more »

Apple vs. Android

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So I was reading a blog that did a nice job laying out public opinion on the Apple vs. Android discussion.  Should schools get iPads or Android Tablets?  Which is… Read more »

HTML & CSS CodeAcademy

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Students are always asking me how to code HTML and CSS.  In the past there are very few places to send them to go step by step in understanding how… Read more »

Meograph: Timeline Creator

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Timelines are a staple in social studies and ela.  They help students keep track of dates and facts.  I have been searching for a good online-timeline creator for a while…. Read more »


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Quite awhile ago I talked about how I found the livebinders site a bit clunky.  Well I must revise my statement because the site has worked very well for several… Read more »