Web 2.0

WeVideo & GreenScreen

maxresdefaultWith the shutting down of Jaycut quite a few years ago I was crestfallen to be able to edit videos with greenscreen (chromakey) online.  On the chromebooks this is challenging.  I did bite the bullet and purchase a pro-account because chromakey was extremely important to me.  However, if it is not the free version really works really well.

If you are a fan of Animoto it is a more robust version.  Students would sometimes get frustrated by the limits of Animoto but were not yet ready for a full-fledged video editor so there are two different modes – timeline and storyboard (easier).  You can easily toggle between both of them.

I have found this to be a superior product when trying to do Book Trailers with students.  The free version allows downloading of 5 minutes a month.  Book Trailers should be around 60 seconds so this works perfectly for me.  I do not have such restrictions with the paid account.

The Chromakey (green screen) is pretty good.  It is not Photoshop or Camtasia but it really does the job pretty well.  For student’s beginning experience with chromakey it works very well.