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Flippity for the Win!

On the 8th day of Create-mas I share with thee Flippity.  I have had a love affair with Flippity for so many year but we have some new items added.  They recently added multimedia flashcards.  What a great way to chunk up information into bite size pieces.  I find that when you have less information on each slide/flashcard it is easier for students and to be honest anyone absorb it.

Like all Flippity items it uses a spreadsheet that you put in your own data/content.  Flippity does a wonderful job giving clear and concise directions for the novice and expert spreadsheet user.  You make a copy of the spreadsheet then away you go.

Some of my favorite Flippity spreadsheets are:

    • Random Name Picker – great for making groups and randomly calling on students
    • Leader Board – having a competition?  Try out the leaderboard.  Note it does not update immediately as that is a refresh rate with Google itself and not the script
    • TimeLine – interactive timeline that is easy to add content to (much easier then JS Timeline)
    • Quiz Show – jeopardy like game with automatic scoring and ability to copy and paste clues