Innovation of Making

Presenting at YSS tomorrow on the innovation of Making.  I have been inspired by the likes of Diana Rendina and Laura Flemming who have given the library world fantastic resources on how to start a makerspace.  My main challenge with makerspaces is that I see them becoming a glorified arts and crafts experience.  There is nothing wrong with this but in the age of intense accountability it is imperative that we create experiences that engage deeper thinking.  Creation and innovation along with creativity and authentic experiences are paramount if we are going to gain a foothold in the educational realm.

Librarians are at a crossroads as to what they need to do to remain relevant in a world of eBooks, renting textbooks, 1:1 chromebooks, etc.  I think makerspaces could be a part of the solution.  We are really good at getting students to think deeper into inquiry and we need to market and develop those tools that are unique to librarianship.

Check out my presentation (Google Presentation).