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Bitmoji Virtual Library

If you know me at all you know I love Bitmojis. They are such a fun online sticker for education. During this trying time adding a bitmoji or two to a students assignment or adding them to my own assignments just gives my assignments a bit of flair. So much so that I created a virtual library a couple of weeks ago. If you are new to Bitmojis look up and I have used two of them in my banner for this website. In order to create your Bitmoji you have to get the iOS or Android app on a smart device. Once you have created your bitmoji you can then add the Chrome Extension which will add it both to chrome and your email if you are a gmail school.

Although I am a Google Slides fangirl I decided to make my virtual library in Canva. Sidenote: I am also a Canva fangirl. Why did I decide to use Canva? Canva has something integrated into their pro version that saves several steps for creation. They have a background remover. Now i could use remove.bg or lunapic to do this for free but one click is sooo much nicer than fifteen. Canva gives you the embed code with clickable items. Granted Slides does this as well but I prefer the look I get from the Canva Embed. PLEASE GOOGLE add remove background to Google Slides! It would be a game changer! It is the last piece missing from Slides.

You can see below the Virtual Library that I created. It includes “books” that are clickable. It can become your own clickmap but so much easier than creating paths that we used to have to do with thinglink.

Virtual Library by Heather Turner

I also have come across some great examples of a Starbooks and Dunkin’ Books layouts that you can get below. They were created by some very creative people on the Educators Bitmoji Facebook Group which I encourage you to join if you are interested in this type of expression.

Best Tools for Creating Your Virtual Library/Classroom