Yes, Graphic Novels are Reading and other FREE Online Sources

country mouse and city mouse
Aesop’s Fables: The Country Mouse and City Mouse From the Library of Congress

Finding open source quality eBooks can be a struggle. As I was looking for other items I came across a beautifully illustrated version of Aesop’s Fables presented by The US Library of Congress. The US Library of Congress is one of the underutilized resources out there (in my humble opinion).  Another resource that I quite enjoy are the plethora of webcomics that are updated nearly every day.  During the pandemic I created a google doc with some of my favorites.  Some are for younger and some are for older audiences but the graphic format is extremely popular with students and adult alike.

I recently went to an author talk with Jason Reynolds and he talked about how books have gotten away with giving rising action for pages and pages and then finally get to the action.  Other types of content cannot do this and have to get to the action within ten minutes.  I pondered this for a long time and thought that graphic novels have filled a void that was missing in literature.  Yes, literature.  Too long has graphic novels and comics been the dirty little secret of people.  I cannot tell you the number of conversations I have had with people that embarrassedly say that read manga, graphic novels, and comics.  All reading should be celebrated as the amazing thing that it is.  Growing wrinkles in our brains…engaging those thinking muscles…and don’t get me started on audiobooks 😛