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CROB: Choose Your Own Booktalk

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  During the pandemic I started to explore the best way to connect books with students.  This led to some creative ways to share books with students.  I have always… Read more »

Many Faces of Google Searching

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If you are like me you are constantly using the search function in Google Drive.  You are also a person that uses Google Chrome’s omnibar for everything.  Did you know… Read more »

Google Classroom: Share to the Classroom

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I was very excited about Google Classroom when it first came out and was one of the few that got access pretty early on.  My Tech coordinator was intrigued as… Read more »

EasyBib & Google Addons

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  EasyBib is a great app and it has recently been included in Google Docs Addons.  Addons are a recent addition to Google Docs and a great one.  I can… Read more »

Google Forms @ Lib

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Very quickly during my first year at the middle school level I discovered the need to automate the pass system.  In the past study hall teachers gave permission for a… Read more »

Google Shortcuts

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Google Shortcuts (PDF) Google has created lots of shortcuts to help us search more effectively.  It has also included a research tool within Google Docs that has me giddy with glee…. Read more »

Apple vs. Android

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So I was reading a blog that did a nice job laying out public opinion on the Apple vs. Android discussion.  Should schools get iPads or Android Tablets?  Which is… Read more »