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Digital Escape Rooms

Digital escape rooms bring the excitement of hunting for clues and the joy of solving puzzles right to your student’s devices. Here are over 30 digital escape rooms to try plus resources for creating them yourself! Digital escape rooms, also referred to as digital breakouts, are a great way to bring gameplay and problem solving to any lesson or unit. They can be an exciting and engaging activity for the whole class or as an option for early finishers.

I am a big fan of using data validation on Google Forms to create digital breakouts. I usually will create my content in a form or even create a website. A fellow librarian, Annarose Foley, created one for library orientation which was stellar. Here is my version of her idea which utilizes Google Docs, Google Drawings aka Images, Google Forms, and Google Sites. I was lucky enough to see her present her idea as an Ignite Session at NYLA-SSL (New York Library Association Section for School Librarians)

However, you can go to Breakout EDU and purchase a digital license to use their platform which is great too. They have a whole database of breakouts you can use with your students.