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Student Engagement with FlipGrid

FlipGrid is a tool that many staff are using to connect with students.  Flipgrid is a free, simple way to foster short video-based discussions on classroom topics. Educators, learners, and families can use Flipgrid at school or at home to stay connected and share their continued learning experiences. Any educator can sign up at www.flipgrid.com. A cool part of FlipGrid is a video will auto-translate into a variety of languages via captions.  Great for our ENL students.  We have some camera-shy students and they can put up an emoji over their face.  You can also make all videos public to the class or only viewable to you. A very short video on how to videos create your account and use with students for teachers: https://vimeo.com/398016880

Video for students on how to use FlipGrid: https://vimeo.com/398016659

FlipGrid Educators Guide PDF eBook

Relatively New to FlipGrid (from their own blog):

  • Tell your story by creating, trimming, and rearranging unlimited video Clips. You can also upload videos from your device and record an introductory video or summary to add even more context!
  • Show your work by flipping on the new Whiteboard Mode with Live Inking.
  • Add context by overlaying photos from your camera roll, emoji, and text as Stickers on your video.
  • Apply unique video Filters to set the tone: Warm, Cool, Super Warm, Super Cool, Pixel, B+W, and Old Town – with more to come soon!

Librarian Connection: I love to use FlipGrid to have students record Book Talk and Book Reviews. It is quick and easy with very little upfront instruction needed. It is very difficult to mess up and students can re-record as many times as they like. A great lesson good etiquette online and the rise of youtube star. So many great options for media literacy in this tool.